Club ESP

Swingers Club, Amherst, Nova Scotia

Club E.S.P. is the oldest swingers club in the Maritimes and has been in operation since 1991.

It has grown to be the highest quality swing club in the Maritimes.

Dana & Debbie purchased Club E.S.P in 2006 and since then there have been big changes in the Club. Under Dana's leadership Club ESP has gone from monthly dances to very sexy intimate parties in their Club House, a very active Website and Swing Travel.

They are always looking for new friends to join the club.

They are a membership club catering to couples and single ladies. At Club ESP you can feel confident that everyone you meet either online or at a Club House Party has been pre screened and confirmed as either a legitimate couple or single lady.

The Club House is near the NS and NB border and covers 3300 square feet of fun!

There you will find a disco, comfortable meeting / conversation areas, play areas, a sauna, indoor Jacuzzi and in warm weather outdoor hot tubs. They endeavour to provide a unique, no pressure comfortable place for people to meet and play. This ensures a totally relaxed environment. At their intimate parties at the club house you can feel uninhibited, free to relax and explore your fantasies with each other and others.

Throughout the summer they have parties twice a month and monthly the rest of the year. The club house has been in full swing and they have had some wonderful parties. They have made some great new friends and have had new couples at every party.

Their parties just seem to be getting hotter and hotter!

They must be doing something right as couples drive 5 or 6 hours just to attend.

For more details of the club go to their website at Club ESP

club esp, swingers club, nova scotia, canada


  • Club ESP
  • Box 326
  • Amherst
  • Nova Scotia
  • B4H 3Z5

Next event

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Entry Policy

  • Sex on Premises: Yes

  • Confirmed Guests Only
  • Mixed Sex Couples: Yes
  • Single Ladies: Yes
  • Female Couples: Yes
  • Single Men: No
  • Male Couples: No

Contact Details

If you know of any other swingers or BDSM lifestyle clubs in the NS or NB area please send us the details so that we can share them with our other members at [email protected]